Aunt Dune(non-registered)
You get better and better at photography every picture. Great work!
Beautiful pictures, Karen. Can't wait to see more and more and more!!
aunt dune(non-registered)
Luetta Johnson(non-registered)
What great solection of photo's, wonderful color, great detail, would love to have most pictures arranged in my home.
Chris Murdoch(non-registered)
Some really beautiful photos in there Karen. Wonderful Work!
Wonderful site... I hope it brings you many customers Karen. :-)
Danea Burleson(non-registered)
Great site Karen, it looks very nice!! Wonderful images, and best of luck on your new adventure!!!
Megan Noble - Natural Photography
I love cats! Your pictures are so cute. I love the one with just the paw in focus. I take tons of cat photos too. My cats are one of my favorite things to photograph. lol
Aunt Dune(non-registered)
All your pictures are just awesome. Keep it up. Do you have any of Peach your Dads cat?
Judy Thordsen-Choppelas(non-registered)
I am excited for you. I am so glad you decided to do this. You have some really great shots.
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